The Anustappi is the perfect sex toy when you want to try anal stimulation for the first time. Anustappi is an excellent sex toy for stimulating the erogenous areas of the anus. The wider position of the pin holds it securely in place, making the experience safe and pleasurable. For men, the prostate is also stimulated by the different types of anus pads, which enhances orgasm, in addition to the fact that the anus pad simply feels heavenly.

Try different sizes, designs and materials to find the right anus stud for you. Of course, you can also use a dildo as an anus pin, as long as it's the right shape for anal play. Such a dildo has a flared heel and is specifically mentioned as being suitable for anal sex.

However, bodies are individual and there is no reason why you shouldn't get the anus stick that seems to be most inviting. When relaxed, the anus stretches a considerable amount. Anal sex is safe and enjoyable, as long as you proceed unhurriedly, listening to your body. It's usually best to start your introduction to anal sex and anus pads with a small, dainty sex toy. However, a larger case can be considered if you are already used to anal sex without toys.

Materials and features

Anustaps are made from a wide range of materials. Variations in size, colour, surface texture and pin design also make anustaps personal, versatile and arousing sex toys. The material of the anustap contributes to the way the sex toy feels. A sex toy made of silicone is more flexible and softer than one made of glass, metal or plastic, for example.

Silicone anustaps

A silicone anus stud is stiff and durable, but at the same time it has a pleasant feel. Silicone anus studs store body heat, making them even more enjoyable to use.

The silicone anus stud is easy to keep clean.

Glass anus studs

Glass anustaps are highly resistant to heat fluctuations, so they can be cooled in the freezer or fridge, heated under hot water or even on a radiator.

The sensations created by cool and warm can bring arousing experiences of sexual pleasure to play. The glass used in anustapes is also highly resistant to mechanical and chemical stress, making sex toys made from it safe to use.

Glass anus pads are easy to keep clean. It slips out of use with only a small amount of lubricant. At its best, a glass anus pin is like a work of art!

Shimmering anustap

As with vibrators in general, the functional characteristics of vibrating anus pads vary. What they have in common, however, is the additional stimulation of the anal area provided by the vibration. Many anustats also have different vibration intensities, ranging from gentle to strong.

When choosing a vibrating anustap, you should also pay attention to the design. You can start with a traditional anustap and then move on to try a different design. A more curved anus stud will fit snugly against the prostate, again providing a new level of stimulation and pleasure. The vibration adds another dimension.

Using the anustap during intercourse

The Anustap can also be used during intercourse. It's really worth a try! The movement of the anustap during intercourse and the accompanying movement can greatly increase a woman's pleasure. The movement can also be felt through the vagina in the penis. The anus pin presses against the vaginal wall, which can make the vagina feel tighter.

What kind of anustap are you into? We have a wide range of anus pads to suit different preferences. You're sure to find the one you enjoy most. Start modestly and then go bigger.

With our easy-to-use anal sprayer, you'll instantly ensure that anal sex and play with anal pads is carefree and hygienic. Don't forget the separate anal sex lubricant! It improves the sensation even more and makes it easier to put the anustap in place.

Listening to your own body, getting to know it calmly and using the right kind of lubricant are important things to consider when getting to know anal sex and anal caresses. After a pleasurable, successful experience, it is easier to explore the area even further.

Anal starter kit

29,90 €

Diamond pin for anal play
Diamond pin for anal play

21,90 € 17,90 €


12,90 €

Peppupatronuna - anustappi

from24,90 €

Satisfyer Booty - Anustappisetti

19,90 €

Vibrating penis ring with anustap
Sold out
Vibrating penis ring with anustap

41,90 €

Swelling Bubblehead

34,90 €

Glass Anal Starter Kit
Glass Anal Starter Kit

39,90 € 32,90 €

Ladattava Värisevä Anaalitappi
Ladattava Värisevä Anaalitappi

36,90 € 29,90 €

Catch this tail

24,90 €

Ears and anustaptic tail

29,90 €

Gold bar

from31,90 €

Three-Headed Plugi

16,90 €

Unicorn - Glass anus pin
Unicorn - Glass anus pin

31,90 € 19,90 €

Anustappisetti 5-osainen
Anustappisetti 5-osainen

39,90 € 36,90 €

Secret Garden

34,90 €

B Ball Duo

34,90 €

Rigid - glass anus pin

22,90 €

The Big Glass Bullet
The Big Glass Bullet

30,90 € 22,90 €

Satisfyer Lolli Plug 2, green

29,95 €

Fun Factory - Bootie

29,90 €