The vibrator is probably the most classic of sex toys - and the most versatile. They are a great addition to solo sex and a great sex toy for couples to have fun together, in the bedroom and elsewhere.

The Vibrator is a low-threshold sex toy that makes it easy to explore your own pleasure. Clitoral vibrator, bunny vibrator, fake penis, G-spot vibrator, couples vibrator, bullet vibrator... The list is endless!

Different types of vibrators

Vibrators come in a variety of designs, but they also have a wide range of features. The intensity of the vibration varies from product to product, but many vibrators also have several different vibration levels. Some have infinitely variable intensity control. Some vibrators have several different programmes with different rhythms or patterns.

Experimenting is the best way to know which vibrator you like best, what you feel best about, or what features you want in your vibrator. For example, a vibrator can be fully waterproof. It can be rechargeable or battery-powered.

Realistic, penis-like vibrators

Realistic, penis-like vibrators are a matter of opinion. Some people definitely want a vibrator that looks like a penis. For others, it's absolutely essential that the vibrator doesn't look like a penis at all. Realistic vibrators are also often very realistic in terms of feel, size and material. These vibrators often have several vibration levels or patterns. You can always find more detailed information by looking at the individual product information.

Realistic dildos are a category of their own.

Trusted vibrators

The traditional bullet vibrator is perhaps the most versatile of the vibrators. It's easy to bring along for shared play. It rarely looks too intimidating for its size. A bullet vibrator works for solo sex. It can also be attached to some other sex toys.

G-spot vibrators

G-spot vibrators are perhaps the most versatile vibrator in terms of design - next to clitoral stimulators, of course. Battery-powered and rechargeable, G-spot vibrators press directly on a woman's pleasure point. So pay attention to the design of the wand!

Bunny vibrators

The bunny vibrator is a favourite of many! It stimulates the G-spot and clitoris at the same time. For many women, the stimulation provided by a bubble vibrator together is the easiest way to have an orgasm. The dildo part that slides into the vagina vibrates wonderfully while the clitoral stimulator motor works on the most sensitive part of the woman.

The easy-to-use vibrator just needs a little water-based lubricant and it's ready to be enjoyed.

Clitoral stimulators

A clitoral stimulator is often a smaller sex toy. It's also the choice of many, because the fact is that a woman is more likely to orgasm from clitoral stimulation. So choose the clitoral stimulator you like and enjoy the sensations it brings.

Shockwave vibrators

A shockwave vibrator is becoming synonymous with the Satisfyer. The brand has captivated everyone - and there are shockwave vibrators for men and women! For many, shockwave vibrators are the answer to orgasm problems. Once you find a shockwave vibrator, you may not want to try anything else. Check out the Satifyer range!


It wasn't long ago that Single Life introduced us to the delicious world of wand vibrators. There's a wand for every taste: sizes, colours, functions... The versatile wand has been the first toy for many - thanks to Samantha! You too can enter the mind-blowing world of wand vibrators and put a smile on your face.

Pair vibrators

Couple vibrators, or couple vibrators, bring pleasure to both of you at the same time. Designed for couples, the vibrator is designed to be used during sex. The most common pair vibrator is flexible and equipped with two motors. They stimulate the woman's G-spot and clitoris, while the man feels the vibrating part of the vagina during sex along the penis and in the testicles. For a woman, the vibrator is also ideal for solo sex.

Anal vibrators

Anal vibrators are great for men and women. It can be a vibrating anus pin for added pleasure. An anal vibrator can caress a man's prostate through the perineum or anus. Stimulation of the sensitive area quickly gets you in the mood and can produce a more intense orgasm than usual. Dare to indulge and try an anal vibrator alone or with a partner!

Masked vibrators

A camouflaged vibrator... Sounds mysterious, doesn't it? But it's a lipstick or mascara, for example. These battery-powered vibrators slip into your handbag when you're out with friends at a nightclub and look innocent in a lecture - if they happen to slip out of your backpack while you're digging for books. Disguised vibrators are also a nice idea for bachelor parties or a casual girls' night out, for example.


A pulsator is a powerful massager that moves back and forth inside the vagina - for real! The pulsator simulates intercourse, delivering pleasure especially in the G-spot. A pulsating vibrator often has several different intensities and rhythms: fast, slow, vibrating, intense... Of course, a pulsator also works as a vibrator without vibrating patterns. Combine your moment with the pulsator with a clitoral stimulator and explosive pleasure is guaranteed.


Vibrators can be made of many different materials, such as hard plastic, silicone or even steel! Material matters when it comes to vibrators, as the hardness of the material affects the intensity and feel of the vibration. Some materials follow the shape of the body better, while others do not give way at all. In addition, the steel mentioned above slides better against the skin.

The material also affects the lifespan and hygiene of the toy. It should also be remembered that not all sliding straps are compatible with all materials! A water-based slip-on is the safest choice, as it can be used with all materials.

With a vibrator, you shouldn't get stuck in a formula, but you can find new uses or angles for each one - or your imagination is the limit!

Read more in the Top Knowledge Corner: a guide to choosing a vibrator.

Usein kysyttyä:

Mikä on vibraattori?

Vibraattori on seksilelu, joka värisee ja on suunniteltu tuottamaan seksuaalista nautintoa stimuloimalla kehon eri erogeenisia alueita, kuten klitorista, emätintä, rintoja tai anusta. Vibraattorit voivat olla monenlaisia muodoltaan ja kooltaa ja ne on usein valmistettu sileistä, turvallisista materiaaleista.

Vibraattoreita käytetään yksin tai kumppanin kanssa seksuaalisen tyydytyksen lisäämiseksi.

Miten vibraattoria käytetään?

Vibraattoria käytetään seksuaalisen nautinnon lisäämiseksi stimuloimalla eri kehon osia. Seuraa näitä ohjeita varmistaaksesi miellyttävän ja turvallisen käytön:

  1. Tutustu laitteeseen: Tutustu laitteeseen ja sen toimintoihin ennen sen käyttöä.
  2. Puhdistus: Varmista, että laite on puhdas ja puhdista laite myös käytön jälkeen.
  3. Liukuvoide: Käytä vesipohjaista liukuvoidetta helpottamaan sisäänmenoa ja parantamaan mukavuutta.
  4. Käyttö: Kytke vibraattori päälle. Säädä haluamallesi voimakkuudelle. Voit sijoittaa sen esimerkiksi klitoriksen päälle, emättimeen tai muihin haluamiisi kehon osiin.
  5. Säilytys: Käytön jälkeen puhdista laite ohjeiden mukaisesti ja säilytä se turvallisessa paikassa.
  6. Huomaa: Muista aina kuunnella omaa kehoasi ja käyttää vibraattoria tavalla, joka tuntuu sinulle mukavalta ja turvalliselta.

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Vibrating silicone wand
Vibrating silicone wand

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Small magic wand vibrator

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Lover-bunny - vibrator
Lover-bunny - vibrator

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