For shower and bath

How refreshing it is to sometimes transfer your sensory perceptions to a new environment! There are amazingly wonderful toys and bath toys for every occasion - most of which you can even take to the sauna. Give your sex life an instant vitamin boost and dive into the addictive world of underwater toys!

Having sex in the shower can bring the most delightful variety to both solo sex and shared sex. A shower together can be a great time of foreplay and a shared moment of tenderness.
Masturbation with water jets can be a new experience and a guaranteed way to reach a peak of pleasure.
In the shower or tub, even in natural water, you can experience a feeling of well-being, both alone and with your partner, as the cool water refreshes and the warm water relaxes your body and mind.

Bring a body wrap for water play too!

Don't forget to wear a slip-on when you're out in the water. Silicone or oil-based lubricants retain their glide well in water play. However, it is worth checking beforehand whether the lubricant you are using is compatible with any sex toys or condoms you may be using.Water-based lubricants wash off your skin quickly in water, which is why they are not the best choice.

If you are taking sex toys with you to a place where the toys will get wet through and through, it is a good idea to make sure that they are suitable for that purpose. Water resistance is an essential feature to ensure that the toy can be fully submerged.

Remember safety!

Especially in the shower, it is important to be able to have sex safely. Slippery tiled surfaces can be dangerous and increase the risk of falling if body parts are not firmly supported, especially during shared sex. It is therefore advisable to take handles and supports with you when having sex in the shower to ensure a comfortable and supportive position.