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At Top Stone you'll find butt toys to suit all tastes - whether you're on the hunt for a great dildo, prostate massager, vibrator or a variety of butt beads or anus pads. In this section you'll find everything you need for unforgettably exciting and enjoyable butt sex!

Anal sex

The anal area is rich in nerve endings, which is why caressing the anal area gives you a lot of pleasure. Pleasure can be delivered to the anal area with fingers, tongue and appropriate sex toys. In the anal region, pleasure is provided by massage of the anal walls, pressure on the sphincter and a high number of touch-sensing nerves.

Anal sex is not the same as anal intercourse, but also includes hand and mouth caresses. Anal sex can be performed alone or with a partner

What is good to consider when having anal sex?

It's best to take it easy when having anal sex. It is probably best to explore pleasure through masturbation using your own fingers.Relaxation and arousal are important because they play a big role in the experience of pleasure. The sphincter muscle is the last muscle to relax, and it is a good idea to practise relaxing it beforehand

Surprise visits to the anal area should not be done without the consent of the partner, as not everyone is familiar with the anal area from the point of view of increasing pleasure. Anal sex, like any other kind of sex, is not necessarily something you have to like

The need for lubrication in the anal area cannot be overemphasised. The natural moisture in the anal area is non-existent and moisture is needed to prevent chafing. Thanks to the extra moisture, the anal area feels softer and smoother

Hygiene should be taken care of. The anal area harbours bacteria that do not belong to the other mucous membranes of the body. Before having sex, it is a good idea to flush and wash your bowels well if the presence of faeces is what bothers you. And it is also more hygienic when the bowels are clean.Sex toys that have been used should be washed thoroughly according to the washing instructions, which will keep them hygienic and usable for longer.

Anal toys

There is a wide range of different toys for anal sex. They can be used by all genders and whatever your sexual orientation. Their use does not say anything about your sexuality. It's just a great way to get to know your own body and find new sources of pleasure. Many people don't want to explore their anal because it can be associated with unattractive images

Butt toys are shaped so that they do not slip fully into the bowel. If this happens, you may have to go to a health centre to have a toy removed that is stuck inside.

Prostate massage

Prostate massage can be performed through the rectum or perineum. They are available with a motor or with an air motor. It is therefore good to know that you don't even need to go inside the anal area, but from the outside, from the anal and testicular area, the stimulation of the prostate gland can bring pleasure.

Anal pins

Peppuplugs and pins are suitable for everyone. They are used to stimulate the sensitivity of the anal musculature and the nervous system there for experimental sexual pleasure. The anal nervous system and muscles are connected to the genital organs, which is why pleasure can be more intense when there is a plug in the anus. Plugs and pins can be used during intercourse, solo sex, hand sex and oral sex. During intercourse, the movement causes the buttocks to move in the anus, which intensifies arousal. Also, the vagina can feel more sensitive, so the sensation in the penis can be more arousing too

For your first anal toy, it can be a good idea to choose a small size, and then progress to a larger one as you feel comfortable.Both anal pads and plugs and anal beads are made from materials such as silicone, glass, metal, plastic and rubber. They can be motorised or pumped.

Anal beads

Anal beads are ribbons to which balls of different sizes are attached side by side. The purpose is to put in as many beads as you feel comfortable with, according to your own preference. When pulled out, the beads rub against the walls of the rectum, bringing pleasure. You can determine the speed of the withdrawal. A ring at the other end of the toy makes it easier to pull out the beads.

The use of the anal spray can be arousing, but it can also be used just to clean and rinse the anal area. It is also a good idea to use a lubricant that retains its lubricity well.

When done properly, anal sex does not hurt and is a safe way to have sex.

Anal starter kit

29,90 €

Intimate scrubber
Intimate scrubber

18,90 € 12,90 €

Diamond pin for anal play
Diamond pin for anal play

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Satisfyer Backdoor Lover
Satisfyer Backdoor Lover

34,90 € 29,90 €

Peppupatronuna - anustappi

from24,90 €

G-spot accelerator
G-spot accelerator

19,90 € 13,90 €

Satisfyer Booty - Anustappisetti

19,90 €

Pearls of Fire

9,90 €

Anaalisuihku intiimipesuun

14,90 €

Vibrating penis ring with anustap
Sold out
Vibrating penis ring with anustap

41,90 €

Prostate masseuse

49,90 €

Swelling Bubblehead

34,90 €

Glass Anal Starter Kit
Glass Anal Starter Kit

39,90 € 32,90 €

Seven Pearls Delicacy

34,90 €

Ladattava Värisevä Anaalitappi
Ladattava Värisevä Anaalitappi

36,90 € 29,90 €

Catch this tail

24,90 €

Ears and anustaptic tail

29,90 €

Gold bar

from31,90 €

Three-Headed Plugi

16,90 €


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