Wands - those versatile massagers for every home. Sizes and colours to suit every taste and need. When buying your first toy, it's safe to enjoy the most delicious parts of your body with these vibrators. Experienced users will know all the tricks and take all the pleasure out of these toys. Throw yourself into the delicious world of vibrators and rub yourself or your partner's smiling lips.

Small magic wand vibrator

26,90 €

Nest of power

89,90 €

Satisfyer - Wand-er Woman Black

59,95 €


69,90 €

Bodywand - Mini Massager

25,90 €

Bodywand - Rechargeable USB Massager Pink
Sold out
A great set of chicks

47,90 €

Satisfyer - Little Wand

39,95 €

PalmPower hermetizer

75,75 €

Satisfyer Double Wand-er

99,95 €

Satisfyer Mini Wand-er

42,90 €


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