Using a lubricant is recommended for everyone, as it makes sex smoother and more comfortable. With sex toys, a lubricant is needed to make insertion easier. It reduces friction and helps the mucous membranes stay intact.

So with lubricant, you're treating the delicate mucous membrane skin, adding moisture and slip where it's needed most during sex. In particular, the clitoris and glans are more receptive and enjoyable to touch when they are moist.

Everyone should have at least one lubricant in use!

The body produces natural moisture in the intimate areas when aroused. The increased moisture is supposed to prepare the body to enjoy sex. However, this is not proportional to the amount of sexual desire, because even when aroused and sexually aroused, the moisture produced by your own body may not always be enough. The development of natural lubrication is influenced by many different things, such as age, life circumstances, hormonal contraceptives or foreplay. Fortunately, a quick fix for this everyday and common sexual problem is readily available in the form of a range of lubricants. For severe dryness problems, it is a good idea to consult a doctor

By trying out different lubricants, you can find your own favourites for every situation!

Water-based lubricant is a sure-fire choice for practicality. It's easy to wash and won't stain textiles. It's also perfect for use with sex toys and condoms. The water-based lubricant has the disadvantage that it dries faster than the silicone-based version, for example, and may need to be reapplied in the heat of sex

Silicone-based lubricant the lubricant, on the other hand, retains its lubricity well and is therefore suitable for sex where it is important to maintain sufficient lubricity for a long time. It also retains its glide under water if you happen to have sex, even in a bathtub. The downside of silicone-based lubricants is that they cannot be used with all sex toy materials and washing them off the skin can be challenging. The irritation caused by washing and any detergents can further irritate sensitive skin

However, silicone-based lubricants often have a thicker consistency than water-based lubricants, making them a better option for anal sex, as well as for longer periods of sex. For anal sex, there are also wonderful lubricants available that are thicker and longer lasting. For anal sex, using a lubricant is absolutely essential as there is no moisturising naturally, the anal area always requires slip and moisture from the jar.

Make room in your bedside drawer for stimulating lubricants! Many of them stimulate blood circulation and have a warming or cooling effect. Stimulating sliding belts and special orgasm gelprovide extra sensitivity to make the journey to the top perhaps a smoother one.Those disappointed by a delicate ejaculation can get some much-needed help from anaesthetic creams. However, care must be taken with them so as not to transfer the anaesthetic ingredients to places where the sense of touch is good to be natural, such as the anal. In many cases, even in the vagina, anaesthetic ingredients are not needed to maintain good tactile sensitivity. Using a condom ensures that the numbing creams do not go to the wrong places

What is your favourite flavour? Make giving oral sex a pleasure by choosing a sweet strawberry or fresh watermelon flavoured lube. And the range of flavours is by no means limited to just two, there's sure to be something for every taste bud. If yeast infections are a priority, it's worth avoiding tasting lubricantswhich contain sugar.

With massage oils you can give a sensual massage, even as foreplay. Massage oils are great for softening tension in the shoulder area, but when applied to the intimate area they can irritate sensitive skin. Oil-based lubricants are also incompatible with regular condoms. If you want to make do with one pack, opt for a water-based lubricant that also has massage properties.

So make a lubricant your standard sex toy!


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