Remote-controlled, rechargeable sex toys are here to stay! Vibrating or vibrating geisha horns, BDSM tools or popular masturbators - all available without the hassle of wires. A separate remote control or even control via a mobile app make it easy to control your sex toys.

You can enjoy easy technology both for solo sex and with your partner. You're sure to find a toy you like in our range! Our state-of-the-art remote-controlled toys will take you and your partner to delicious moments.

Remote controlled sex toys are extremely popular among couples. Put the vibrating anus pin in place and give the controller to your partner. Have you tried a couples vibrator? The vibration that pleases both of you is felt with every thrust. For more solo sex, upgrade your toy box with a remote-controlled vibrator.

Thepopular Satisfyer has entered the remote-controlled sex toy race by launching its vibrator with its classic suction power. The Satisfyer, which has captivated women, is now even easier to control.

Remote control or mobile app?

It's hard to argue about preference or ease of use. For some, it's more convenient to use a mobile app. For some, a remote control is the only way to use sex toys. And some remotes can also act as their own vibrator, such as the round remote from Swedish brand Lelo. It allows both of you to enjoy the same vibration on both sides.

Satisfyer Little Secret
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Satisfyer Little Secret

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