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How about your very own sex doll or vibrating dildo? Our popular Fleshlight and Fleshjack products will revolutionise masturbation in a flash. Explore the products with courage and curiosity in mind. Then place an order and discover new ways to enjoy!

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Masturbation, masturbation and solo sexMasturbation
or solo sex is one of the best ways to enjoy your sexuality. Masturbation not only increases sexual satisfaction and desire, but also makes you familiar with your own body, making it especially safe to have sex.

Solo sex allows you to use the techniques and aids that you feel comfortable with. Many people start by touching themselves with their hands, but at some point you may also become curious about different sex toys.

There is never any shame in getting a sex toy or other sex aid. It's about your pleasure and your sexuality.

A sex toy can also often bring pleasure to masturbation if you suffer from some kind of muscle weakness or circulatory disorder, for example.

However, the use of sex toys does not mean that they are a substitute for something or require a problem that interferes with your sex life. The use of sex toys is perfectly normal and acceptable for everyone, regardless of gender, health status or relationship situation. Solo sex is even recommended as it increases overall well-being by improving connection with one's body and pleasure.

A penis pump and erection enhancementA penis pump
is indeed a pump that circulates the blood in the penis in such a way that the erection is strengthened, intensified and, moderately, even increased
Its use is particularly beneficial for those whose erections need a little stimulation.

Penis pumps are available with a plastic or glass cylinder. The penis is placed inside the cylinder and a vacuum is pumped, causing the blood to circulate and an erection. To help maintain an erection, a penis ring is placed at the root of the erect penis. This prevents the blood from flowing away from the penis so easily and maintains the erection.

A penis pump can be used for masturbation or as a preparatory measure for intercourse. When using a penis pump, you need to be careful and listen to your body's sensations very carefully.

Always follow the instructions for use so that you know how to act correctly if you suddenly feel uncomfortable under pressure. A sliding grip is important to avoid unpleasant rubbing.

The best masturbator and artificial
an artificial vagina
or anus, you can make masturbation a new, pleasurable experience
Masturbators mimic the feel of a real vagina, anal or mouth, both inside and out.

There are a number of different internal structures and tunnels to choose from, the idea being to create a vacuum that feels like suction as the penis goes in. A masturbator can also be a tunnel that goes all the way through and does not create a vacuum. The caress is then enhanced by a knobbly and watery inner surface.

You can move your penis in the masturbator as if you were having intercourse. The versions with suction cups are ideal for use in this way. Alternatively, you can move your masturbator around your penis - depending, of course, on the type of sex toy you choose.

Masturbators with vibrators can make orgasms particularly intense. The vibrator massages the shaft and glans of the penis more intensely. These vibrator masturbators give you pleasure even if you just hold them in place. They often come with different, adjustable vibration levels to suit all tastes.

The vibrators are either rechargeable or battery-powered. They are often easy to disconnect, for example to wash the masturbator.

Lovely sex dollsSoft
, skin-feeling sex dolls offer more versatile and realistic solo sex
You can press the doll in your lap or take it from behind. With the doll's help, you might be able to have sex you've fantasised about but for some reason can't have in real life.

Tips for the sex toy buyerThe
material of a
sex doll
or masturbator stores heat and is skin-friendly, which makes it more comfortable to use
There's nothing to stop you from rinsing the toy in warm water beforehand, so it's already warm.

Always use a lubricant with sex toys. Water-based lubricant is easy to wash off and works well with all materials. Also, solo sex often feels better the wetter your butt and sex toy are. Sex toys and dolls do not produce moisture themselves, even if they feel real. The toys also last longer and stay intact thanks to the lubricant.

After pampering yourself, wash and dry your sex toys thoroughly. The surface of the toy will stay better if you finish it off with a toy powder or talcum powder. A higher quality product often costs more, but will also last longer.

Storing a larger sex doll can be a challenge because of its size. It's a good idea to think about storage in advance when you're buying. Smaller sex dolls are much easier to hide between uses.

For travel companionship, you can pack a disposable dildo or one that slips neatly into your bag. In the meantime, you can have a bigger one waiting for you at home.

The best sex toy or toys for you will only be found by trial and error! Of course, you can also ask for recommendations elsewhere if you wish.

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