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The highly popular trend of geisha balls combines utility and pleasure in an exceptionally delicious way! Designed for so-called Kegel training, the balls and balls effectively strengthen and tighten the pelvic floor muscles - the most important pleasure muscle for women.

Why train your pelvic floor muscles?

Exercising the pelvic floor muscles is beneficial for people of all ages, as they holistically strengthen human health and well-being at different stages of life. They help with urinary and bowel retention, post-natal recovery, postural support and rest body control. In particular, a good pelvic floor musculature has a positive impact on sexual life; it increases sensitivity in the genital area, improves blood circulation and strengthens the erection. The ability to have an orgasm can also be enhanced, making intercourse easier or more intense.

How do I find my pelvic floor muscles?

Before you start exercising, it's a good idea to learn to identify where your muscles are. By placing a finger in the vagina or anus and contracting, you can find out the level of muscle tone according to the clenching force of the pelvic floor muscles

Another way is to cut off the urine stream in the middle of urination and identify the muscles involved in cutting off the urine stream. The pelvic floor muscles are found inside the body between the anus and the vagina or testicles

Once the muscles have been found, the pelvic floor can be trained using contract and relax methods to find strength, speed and resistance. Strength can be applied to the muscles by strong contractions and by keeping the interval between contractions and relaxations longer. Speed can be developed by contracting vigorously and keeping the contraction and relaxation interval shorter.Endurance is achieved by maintaining the contraction for longer. Keep training until the muscles are tired and for at least a few minutes. Both relaxation and contraction are equally important in training to learn to control the muscles

Balls and balls as pelvic floor muscle training aids

You can also bring aids and equipment to the training session to make it more effective. Choose your aids according to the condition of your pelvic floor muscles. Kits with different weight options are excellent. You can introduce a new weight when you've had success with a lighter weight. A beginner can also start with a larger but lighter vagina ball, which is easier to hold inside. If you are an experienced exerciser, you can choose a single weighted exercise ball or insert another ball inside the vagina

Exercise balls are often single metal balls or plastic-coated balls, usually weighing between 10 and 50 g. Those allergic to nickel should choose plastic-coated or glass-coated balls for themselves. Single training balls can be used in sets of one, or more experienced practitioners can use two. Single balloons with an air horn are only used in the vagina. After inserting the training ball or balls, you can get up for a short walk while trying to use your vaginal muscles to keep the balls in. They are often smaller than pleasure balls. It is good to know that the vagina is a tubular muscle about 10 cm long, with a uterus at the end. Nothing can disappear inside the vagina. Everything that goes in comes out the same place it went in.

The pleasure-seeking effect ofvaginal balls is based on the fact that the balls have a heavier but smaller metal ball inside.The movement of the ball makes the inner ball move with the ball, creating a vibration that can be arousing.In addition to the pleasure-seeking effect, the use of vaginal balls also gives the muscles of the pelvic floor a workout. The pelvic floor muscles are strengthened when the vaginal balls are placed inside the vagina, slowly pulling on the string and using the muscles to help brake their exit

The vaginal balls are connected to a string with two balls attached. Alternatively, a vaginal balloon can be just one ball, with a source cord. The string may be made of, for example, nylon or the balls with their strings may be made of, for example, silicone. A nylon string can be challenging to keep hygienic, so a silicone version may be more durable.
In motorised vagina balls, the inner metal ball is powered by a battery. Vagina balls are also suitable for the anal side to strengthen both muscles and pleasure. Just remember to always keep the string attached, use lubricant and don't use the same toy in the vagina immediately afterwards without careful washing

Always take a lubricant with you that matches the balls and balls' materials!
You don't need to exercise every day, as muscular fitness requires rest for every muscle in the body to develop. Careful and regular exercise is often more beneficial.

Read more about the pelvic floor muscles on our factsheet!

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