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From pregnancy tests to a variety of great creams, you'll also find a great selection of high quality sexual health products from us at Peak Stone, which you can easily and reliably use to give your sensuality and sexual self-esteem a boost! These no-commercial, functional products will give your sensuality an effortless facelift!

Gaining sexual pleasure is every human right.

A great aid to anal sex is an intimate cleanser that makes it easy to get clean. You'll also find orgasm gel and lunette mooncups!

Kissing creams and tingling arousal gels

Intimate creams can be applied to the genital area to enhance sexual pleasure and can be used to boost blood flow and erection. Sensitivity can also be enhanced to make it easier to reach orgasm.

If, on the other hand, excessive sensitivity is a barrier to pleasure, anaesthetic creams can help

Care should be taken to ensure that the anaesthetic is only applied to the mucous membranes of the person whose sensitivity is to be reduced. If this is the first time the product has been used, it is advisable to try the product a little at a time and in an area where the skin is thicker than the genital mucosa. An allergic reaction may surprise you in an unpleasant way.

Remember that intimate creams are not suitable for use as lubricants and should not be used with a condom. To ensure that the creams provide the desired help during sex, they should be applied well in advance so that the product can be absorbed. If a condom is used, any unabsorbed cream can be wiped off.

A tampon and a mucous-preserving mooncup suitable for intercourse

Sex during menstruation is not prohibited. However, many people shudder at the idea because of the blood coming out Fungal tampon however, it is possible to have sexual intercourse at any time of the menstrual cycle. A small sponge is inserted into the vagina and the menstrual flow is absorbed and does not flow out.Intercourse is possible when the sponge-like tampon adapts to the shape of the vagina. The product is disposable, but can stay in place for several hours

Menstrual cup is an advocate for vaginal mucosa and nature conservation. It is not suitable for sexual intercourse, but otherwise it is simple to use. The silicone menstrual protector is long-lasting and hygienic when properly maintained.

Hair shaving

Hair is a natural feature of the human body, regardless of gender. Some people have more than others. Sometimes you want to get rid of them or give them a new look. Each person decides on their own preferences. However, if you think you need to get rid of hair, it can be a good idea to use products designed to help with shearing to reduce irritation.

Other products

You can also find health quick tests in the health products section. The tests can be done at home, but for many infections and sexually transmitted diseases you should see a doctor. If the pregnancy test is positive, you should book an appointment at a clinic.

It is advisable to check with a health care professional whether you aretaking dietary supplements and to adapt their use to your own health condition.

Top kiva condom

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Intimate scrubber

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RFSU Oh Yes stimulating gel

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RFSU Thin condom

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RFSU Magic condom

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Sultan Ultra Thin condom

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Mister Size - pure feel

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RFSU Face condom 10pcs

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Sultan Conture condom

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Viamax, Sensitive Gel - Women's Own Orgasm Gel, 15ml
RFSU Beyond Thin condom 8 pieces

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MoreAmore Fun Skin - condom

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