Penis rings

Lovely penis rings are perfect as a couple's first sex toy or for a man to have his own fun with! We have a wide range of erection rings: vibrator rings, thicker rings, double rings, triple rings and anustap flavoured rings.

What is a penis ring?

A penis ring can also be referred to as an erection ring. As the name suggests, it is a ring, or at least a type of ring, that is placed around the penis. Its purpose is to keep an erection strong by constricting blood flow to the penis.

There are several different types of penis rings - including materials. The popular and skin-friendly silicone is suitable for many users. It is also flexible and easy to keep clean. The all-silicone product is also suitable for people with rubber allergies

A metal penis ring may require more experience on the part of the user. Metal as a material does not flex, so care should be taken with sizing. It is better to start with a metal penis ring that is too big than too small.

It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with all the materials and designs available. Someone will definitely want a simple penis ring. For others, a penis lasso is better. A third prefers a ring with a clitoral stimulator, so that their partner can also enjoy the penis ring. The only way to find your favourite is to test it.

Some penis rings may have two rings, one of which is designed to fit around the testicles. Some penis rings are equipped with an anal pin, so you can get a stronger erection and stimulation of the anal area at the same time. Both features can make the pleasure feel more intense, whether the penis ring is used for shared sex or solo sex

How to use a penis ring?

The purpose of a penis ring is to help your erection stay strong. When the ring is placed at the root of an erect or at least semi-erect penis, its gentle squeeze prevents blood from flowing backwards, away from the erect penis

The penis ring therefore allows the erection to stay longer and stronger. If, for example, sensitive ejaculation is a problem, this small and handy sex toy - or numbing creams - can help.

The possible knuckles on the penis ring and the wild vibrator also give extra pleasure to your partner. Both features can massage and stimulate the clitoris, for example, so the penis ring can be enjoyed and pleasured by more than one person

If for some reason you are nervous about the condom staying in place, you can slip the penis ring into the root of the condom-covered penis. This will keep the condom in place better while providing pleasure.

It is worth remembering that a penis ring is recommended for use for no more than half an hour at a time. However, if you experience any numbing or uncomfortable rubbing, you should stop using the ring immediately. You may need a penis ring with a slightly larger diameter.

Remember to also use a lubricant with the penis ring. This will prevent unnecessary rubbing. Remember to always wash the ring after use to keep it hygienic. Always use a water-based lubricant with a silicone penis ring.

Choosing a penis ring

When choosing your first penis ring, it can be a good idea to choose an adjustable model. This will allow you to judge which size would be right for you when looking at other rings. You can also use the adjustable model to test whether you like a slightly harder squeeze

It's worth paying attention to the material. Silicone is a flexible material. With it, precise measurement is not as important as with a tyre made of a non-elastic material. In general, the right size penis ring feels snug, but doesn't squeeze too hard. Pain is not part of the normal use of a penis ring.

Some rings are sold in sets of several pieces. You can choose whether to use more than one ring at a time. Put one ring at the root of the penis, another halfway up the penis and a third under the glans. You can also try a ring around the testicles.

Your choice of penis ring depends on how you want to get the most out of the ring. Are you getting a ring for solo or shared sex? A clitoral stimulator is often unnecessary for solo sex, but a vibrator can make a nice change from using a penis ring on its own. Try different ones and find your favourite!

A penis ring - a small but handy aid to pleasure.

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Penis ring with bullet vibrator
Penis ring with bullet vibrator

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Adjustable penis ring

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Satisfyer Legendary Duo, black

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Satisfyer Strong One pencil ring

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Rocks-Off Ro-Zen 7-Speed - penis ring with anal pin
Satisfyer Bullseye
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Satisfyer Bullseye

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