Penis extension

The penis extension is made to increase the length and thickness of the penis. Check out Huippukiva's penis extension selection and grab yours! Make your wildest fantasies come true with penis extensions!

Penis extension and its properties

There are many different sizes of penis extensions and, as a rule, their purpose is to increase the length and thickness of the penis when using the product. Some penis extensions have, for example, vibrator features that bring even more fun to bed time! With a penis extension, the act itself often takes longer!

Continue the experiences of our customers

" Brings nice extra size to the penis and produces pleasure for both the partner and yourself. The act lasts significantly longer and that stimulation invigorates the sex life."

"A great addition to joint games. Nice change for a woman living in a permanent relationship when you can change the man's size a little from time to time. Akti also lasts a little longer, but I hear it still feels good for my husband! ;)"

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Are you simply giving pleasure to the recipient?

This is a misconception. In fact, very many of our customers have mentioned in their reviews that the use of the penis extension has also brought pleasure to the man.

Penis sleeve and putting it in place

Most penis sleeves have an opening intended for the testicles, which brings pleasure to the user of the product and at the same time the penis sleeve stays perfectly in place. However, remember to familiarize yourself with the dimensions of the product to ensure that the penis sleeve is right for you!

Tuscan warhead - penicillin stick
Tuscan warhead - penicillin stick

37,90 € 22,90 €

Cuper - värisevä penisjatke
Sold out
Cuper - värisevä penisjatke

39,90 €

Tuplapenetraattori penisjatke
Sold out
Tuplapenetraattori penisjatke

29,90 €

Penisjatke +6,5 cm

26,90 €


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