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Sex doesn't have to be a serious evening affair. A relaxed approach to sex can reduce the pressure to perform and make it a fun, social pastime. Presence and open communication are the most important aspects of sex, and can be stimulated in many ways, such as through playfulness. Sometimes humour helps when the situation calls for a break from routine and an introduction to more relaxed erotic coexistence

Erotic games

Sex can be relaxed and adventurous with a variety of games and games. Bravely participating in a dice game can help to give your partner attention to the whole body, rather than moving the attention directly to the genital area. In the best case, the games open up a line of communication and help you to communicate about sex and your own desires for sex, which can be difficult to express. But Panopa or Kama Sutra playing cards can inspire you to try new, untried positions! Sometimes a new position or a change of position can make a big difference, for example how intercourse feels

Edible terototic delicacies

Curbing sweet cravings can be fun, and you never know what it will lead to when you strip your partner of every last bit of clothing. Stripping off your edible bikini and panties while eating from the other end can be fun and arousing. It can also give you new insights into what kind of touch you like

What if the next dinner party you organise has sexuality as a theme! Sexuality is part of human wellbeing and a toast should be made to it. The highlight of the service could be the chocolate or fruity tits and cocks of a penis

Erotic gifts

A teaser set as a gift for a partner can be a small gesture from the giver to gauge the partner's interest in sex toys. To wish a new relationship a long life, give a gift of massage oil sets.Fragrant massage oils tempt you to touch and caress your partner. Body lotions and powders make your skin taste even better. They can serve as an intriguing foreplay as you go over your partner's body shapes and contours. Touching each other with gentle caresses can be part of a shared erotic experience

Kama Sutra playing cards

5,90 €

Charming lipstick vibe

11,90 €

The ultimate eye mask

13,90 €

Velvet bag big

5,90 €

Fleshlight Shower Mount wall bracket
Fleshlight Shower Mount wall bracket

29,90 € 19,90 €

PVC sheeting

29,90 €

Succulent Willie Lollipop

4,90 €

Riding bench

89,90 €

The guys' super nice Friday set
Sold out
The guys' super nice Friday set

21,90 €

Candy Love Rings

5,90 €

Lovers Candy G-string

7,90 €

Blow Job Mints

3,50 €

Lovers Candy Bra

9,90 €

Playboy - Tiina Jylhä
Playboy - Tiina Jylhä

12,90 € 6,90 €

Velvet bag small

4,95 €

Yummy cucumber purse

12,25 €

Palettis heart - Tassels, red

7,95 €

Penis paste

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Clone a Willy Kit - Pippel's cloning kit
Sold out -1%
Clone a Willy Kit - Pippel's cloning kit

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Yummy thong

7,90 €

Candy Blow Job Practice Willie

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Lovers Candy Posing Pouch

7,50 €

Top of the range butt set

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