Condoms are the simplest and cheapest way to take care of your sexual health and that of your sexual partners. Used correctly, condoms protect against both unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases can be asymptomatic, which is why condom use is important, especially with a new sexual partner.

Advice for condom users

Before using a condom, check that the best-before date is still valid. It is also a good idea to check that you take the condom out of its protective packaging. The condom is rolled over the penis when the penis is erect and is only taken off at the end of intercourse.

The female condom, which is inserted inside the vagina, can be put in place before foreplay begins. In the case of a semen ejaculation, the semen is supposed to remain inside the condom.

Condoms can also be used on sex toys, making them easier to clean.

You can also use a cut condom to make a handy oral sex shield.

Always store condoms out of the sunlight and in a place where they won't rub. One condom is always disposable and can be sorted into mixed waste.

Lubricant and condom

Both water-based and silicone-based lubricants can be used with condoms. Oil-based lubricants can make the surface of the condom brittle. The surface of the condom already has lubricant on it to begin with, but adding more is highly recommended. The lubricant makes sex smoother and a condom lubricated with lubricant is less likely to break. Taking care of condom use is a matter for all sexes.

Condom size

The right size condom stays in place and does not pinch. The right size makes it more comfortable to use and gives you more confidence in your contraception. To find out the right size, measure the length of the erect penis from the root to the tip. Measure the circumference of the penis at the same time. It is therefore worth practising putting a condom in place, either with yourself or with an object that resembles your penis.

Condoms for everyone!

Thinner a thin condom feel natural, but they are still durable in use. Shaped condoms fit well on the wearer and increase tactile sensitivity.

Makukondoms giving oral sex gets a fruity taste.

Drinkable and knobbly condoms tend to enhance pleasure. Another option is to choose a condom with a blood-stimulating ingredient on the surface to aid pleasure.

A stronger and thicker condom can be a good choice when an erection needs strengthening. A stronger condom also works better for anal sex.

Condoms are mainly made of latex, a natural rubber. If you are allergic to rubber, you should choose a latex-free option. Condoms are also made from polyurethane.

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