The world's best-selling male sex toy, the Fleshlight has achieved almost legendary status in the hands of over 2 million satisfied users. The Fleshlight masturbator's patented texture and real-feeling Real Feel Super Skin material make it better than the real thing, according to some. High-quality material and top design ensure maximum pleasure time after time.

The Fleshlight looks like a flashlight on the outside, but its interior convinces as a captivatingly artificial apple, replicating penetration in detail. The case is made of high quality plastic. Likewise, the cap of the masturbator is made to last. It is easy to open and close.

The Fleshlight masturbator comes in several different versions, so you can find the one you like best - or choose a few delicious specimens for your toy box. The Fleshlight masturbator will give you years of pleasure.

The popularity and power of Fleshlight products is based on the high quality, real-feeling material and the vacuum created inside the case.

There's also a wide range of accessories available to help you get even more out of your Fleshlight experience.

TheFleshlight Quickshot is a small and convenient masturbator in its own case. An effective stimulator of the glans and penile shaft, it's ideal for solo sex and as a companion to hand and oral sex for couples. Open at both ends, the Quickshot masturbator is extremely enjoyable to use. It is also easy to keep clean.

Fleshlight Girls offers exact replicas of the vaginas of gorgeous, hot porn stars, autographed. Each Fleshlight Girls vagina features a different insert designed specifically for that girl, in addition to the autograph.

TheFleshlight STU or Stamina Training Unit is made from real-feeling Super Skin material. The high quality material and excellent design guarantee maximum pleasure time after time. Fleshlight STU is designed for men who want to last longer. Practice and develop without pressure. With the masturbator you will get an insane race condition!

Fleshlight Turbo takes your blowjob experience to a new level! It gives you a real-feeling blowjob that's more satisfying than ever! Dip your tip or push your cock all the way to the bottom. Fleshlight Turbo guarantees you satisfaction! In addition to the unique three-piece mouthpiece and great feel, Fleshlight has developed a new, mechanical look that brings a change of pace to artificial vagina pressing

Flight by Fleshlight masturbators are conveniently sized and quite discreet. The case and its surface design are made to be very comfortable and fit in the hand. The insert, made of patented Super Skin material, is downright silky soft.

Fleshlight Ice is made of clear, patented Super Skin material. The high quality material and the design of the masturbator guarantee maximum pleasure again and again. The transparency also adds a visual dimension to solo sex, which can increase your pleasure.

TheFleshlight FleshSkins Grip is the first masturbator in the Fleshlight range without a case. It combines stunning looks and excellent design with the high quality materials that are typical of Fleshlight masturbators. With a stimulating translucent blue finish, the FleshSkins Grip can be adjusted by squeezing your hand for the right amount of intensity every time. Open at both ends, the masturbator is suitable for penises of all sizes.

TheFleshlight Go is, as its name suggests, designed for men who want to go. The lighter artificial vagina is easy to take on the go. The Fleshlight Go is also a great choice for men who are about to purchase their first masturbator. The Fleshlight Go's insert is made from patented SuperSkin® material that mimics real skin. Together with the absorbent case, you can reach the peak of pleasure anywhere, anytime!

Fleshlight Mr. Limpy teapots are dividing people's opinions: is it an amazing product or a product you can't live without? The very realistic feel of the material and the loose and supple design ensure that this fake penis really stands out from the crowd. You can use it as a sex toy, as padding in your pants or, if you prefer, as a stress toy. Mr. Limpy is a very versatile guy.

Check out the range and find your perfect Fleshlight!

Note! Real Feel Super Skin products should not be washed with soap. Using soap will damage the surface of the inside of the Fleshlight masturbator, making it feel sticky. Use Fleshlight FleshWash Cleaner and Renewing Powder for cleaning.


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